Our business has been family run since 1920. It all started with a small shop founded by Abdul Rahim Diab. The company focused on providing the Lebanese market with top quality American and European sanitary ware products in addition to home appliances, heating and plumbing equipment. From 1951 till 1969, the late Mrs. Chafica Diab presided the company and maintained the pioneering movement in the Lebanese Market and the Middle East. Since then, Mr. Salim Diab maintained the drive of the mission that was brought to life by both Abdul Rahim and the late Mrs. Chafica Diab.


The decades of experience and the skillful expertise positioned our company as a leader in the Lebanese market. Ets. Abdul Rahim Diab’s sustained success through generations thanks to its continuous introduction of the highest quality products into Lebanese houses and firms. 


Our quality products are well sustained by the services that the whole team offers. We believe that success is the result of a well-informed professional team who is keen to maintain top quality service regardless of the challenges. This wouldn’t be possible without the after-sales support, and the continuous efforts of a driven management team. This work dynamic has contributed to keep the company on a progressive movement while having our customers’ needs and demands on top of our priorities.

Today Ets. Abdul Rahim Diab is developing broader trade lines and complementing existing ones. With a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, our newly decorated showrooms are located in Dekwaneh and UNESCO area. We are eager to sell the best, the newest, and most importantly to meet our customers’ high expectations.
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